Friday, June 26th 2020 -Sturgis Dragway

The Sturgis Camaro Rally Drag Races will be operated under a bracket racing format. Drivers will be allowed up to three (3) time trials to determine their dial in time. This is a single elimination event with no buy backs. We will run a Street Class and a Pro Class. Street Class cars will include any cars with an ET (elapsed time) of 7.30 or higher. (No drag slicks allowed unless you have a drive line hoop. Drag radials are allowed.) Any car faster than a 7.30 index must have a roll bar and run in the Pro Class (No delay boxes will be allowed). 

Rules and regulations we ask you to follow:

• NMRA and NHRA rules apply

• You must provide valid driver’s license and sign the provided track waiver

• Rally numbers must be in the upper left corner of your windshield

• Helmets and pants are required for all racing participants. No shorts/sandals allowed


Points to remember:

1. As a courtesy to all the drivers, please get to staging lanes promptly when called.

2. Your dial-in must be displayed before crossing the staging line, this line is at the head of the staging lanes.

3. Stay with your vehicle in the staging lanes. Be ready ahead of time for your pass. If you are not ready to run when called you may be disqualified.

4. No burnouts in the staging lanes or pit areas. No stationary burnouts - except in the water box.Power burnouts across the line are not allowed.

5. In the event cars have been paired up and called to start and one fails to start or move, the non-offending competitor will be required to take the tree. A vehicle must leave the starting line forward, under its own power, to be eligible for a win.

6. Auto-start will be used in all classes. Movement of a “staged” vehicle after the tree is armed, will result in a red-light foul, even though it may occur before the tree counts down. Also called a “shallow-stage red” it is not grounds for protest or re-run.

7. In case of vehicle malfunction - please move your vehicle out of the groove and next to the guard wall. This may keep oil from your car off of the racing line.

8. In the unlikely event of a re-run, the re-run competitors will not be allowed to change their dial-ins or lane choice.

9. Bye runs will be given at random in the tower.